5 Axis Aerospace Machining and Turning

With working envelopes approaching ø36”x20”, Cutter is able to produce components using full-five axis tool paths. Impellers, aerospace components, and finish machining of 3D-printings requiring tight-tolerance geometry are all within the capabilities of our shop. Further, we use industry-recognized best in class workholding and tooling to ensure surface finishes, dimensions, and repeatability.

5 Axis Aerospace Machine

Premier 5 Axis Machining Services

With over two decades of industry experience, Cutter Innovations provide a dynamic suite of manufacturing and fabrication services, including 5 axis CNC machining. Our seasoned professionals serve a variety of industries by providing them with quality parts that are created in accordance with stringent AS9100 standards.

Our 5 axis CNC machining is by far one of our most versatile and sought-after services. This machining technique can be used to create high-performance components for prototyping purposes or to fulfill large production orders.

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