Wire EDM Shop

Cutter has the capability to EDM cut through nearly 8” thick conductive materials. Superior accuracy and surface finishes are achievable using EDM technology.

Wire EDM Machining from Cutter Innovations

As an AS9100 registered company, Cutter Innovations proudly provides our Clients with top-quality machining solutions. With over 20 years of engineering and R&D experience, Cutter Innovations is one of the most trusted names in the aerospace sectors. Among many other services, we offer quality wire EDM machining.

Our EDM process leverages established best practices and the latest technologies to yield the best quality final product possible.

At Cutter Innovations, we understand that surface finish quality and cut accuracy are paramount to the success of our Clients’ projects. When Clients need products manufactured from conductive materials, wire EDM machining is the most pragmatic approach.

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